The Necessity of Having a Highly-qualified Lawyer on Your Side if You are Facing a Murder Case

Criminal defense lawyers know fully well the kind of psychological burden suffered by those charged with murder. Any kind of criminal charge can ruin relationships, even with the members of your family, societal standing and professional credibility. Simply put, a criminal charge can ruin your life and your future.

A very serious crime one can be charged with is homicide or murder. Though often used interchangeably, homicide actually has a broader scope than murder. Murder refers only to criminal or intentional homicide, while the term homicide applies to both criminal and non-criminal acts. Non-criminal homicide is viewed as excusable or justified, such as accidentally killing a person, who is threatening your life, through an act of self-defense; it could also be accidentally killing a person while acting in defense of someone else.

Murder or manslaughter, is considered the most serious criminal offense after treason. In 2012, about 12,765 cases of murder were reported in the whole of U.S. due to the gravity of the accusation of murder, an accused definitely needs serious preparation and the best defense from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

A person who has been charged with a crime of murder should know and understand that murder cases have their own circumstances and evidences (some are obvious, but a lot more are not) and that not all criminal lawyers have the same level of competence and abilities in court proceedings. Some are criminal defense attorneys are just more experienced and more knowledgeable than others, rendering them more able and prepared to counter prosecutor’s arguments, besides being more familiar with the opponent’s court tactics.

One way of determining a lawyer’s abilities is by looking at what is contained in his/her trial bag. A lawyer’s trial bag should contain products of further and deeper research and investigation which he or she has conducted about the client’s case. Further investigation means going to the scene of the crime to search for clues that authorities might have missed, looking for other possible witnesses and getting advice from different kinds of experts whose testimonies may be able to shed light on the case and save his or her client from being convicted.

Expert testimonies may come from a pathologist, who is an expert in analyzing the possible cause of death, a DNA expert, a psychiatrist or psychologist, a mental health expert, a false confession expert, a fingerprint expert, a blood spatter expert, a ballistics expert or any other depending on the needs of the case.

Again, getting charged with murder is a very serious legal matter. Leaving your defense in the hands of a lawyer who lacks expertise and experience in the field he or she has chosen to pursue is like allowing the prosecution to win the case easily and leave you behind bars probably for the rest of your life.

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