How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen in a variety of places, such as office spaces, construction sites, malls, playgrounds, and even in our homes. In other words, slip and fall hazards are practically everywhere. It is true that property owners have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the premises against accidents and injuries. But as an individual, you should also be responsible enough to make the effort to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Below are some safety tips for your properties and for yourself to ensure that you and everybody around you are free from slips, trips, and falls.

Wear proper footwear
Before looking at the external factors that may cause accidents, look at yourself first. Always wear footwear that has proper traction to avoid easily slipping on wet surfaces. Also, make sure that your laces are tied properly so you don’t unintentionally trip yourself.

Maintain cleanliness
Slip and fall accidents can happen because of the sheer negligence of property owners towards debris, slippery substances, and other elements that may slip and trip unsuspecting people. The simple solution is maintaining the cleanliness of the premises. Don’t let spilled substances go unnoticed. Don’t let trash stay on accident prone areas such as stairs.

Avoid obstructions
Unnecessary obstacles, particularly in pathways, can cause slip and fall accidents. In the workplace, these obstacles may include opened drawers, cabinets, document boxes, and briefcases. In the household, these obstacles may take on the form of chairs, cables and wires, and other small objects that may go unnoticed in hallways. Unnecessary matting, like putting rugs and carpets on unsafe places, may also cause slip and fall accidents.

Install proper lighting
Sometimes, even easily avoidable objects become catalysts for accidents. This is because of low visibility and inadequate lighting in the area. When a place is poorly lit, all people in the area may be susceptible to tripping and slipping even on innocent objects such as steps and uneven surfaces.

According to the website of the Milwaukee slip and fall accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, slip and fall accidents may be taken to court, as they are included in a body of law called premises liability. To avoid the possibility of medical bills, attorney fees, and compensations to injured individuals in your properties, just take the safety tips above seriously.